The Book of Ages



This Meowclops is a member of the Followers of Meow. It is his duty to keep the incense burners in the Monastery of Meow burning.


Yes, yes, enjoying the scents about the grounds, are we? Of course you would! It is the Scent of Meow.
It's my solemn duty to keep the incense burners filled will the Scent of Meow.
Although... I don't know if that's Meow's favourite scent, or if that's what Meow actually smelled like...
Anyway, this Sacred Bowl, here at the Path of Humility, is the most important incense holder on the grounds.
It is said these sticks of incense grant clarity and wisdom, which are, of course, the road to enlightenment!
By the way, I'm sure you're looking for the Abbot, yes? He's south, across the bridge. Meow be with you.

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