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An old witch commonly conceived to be quite evil. Then again, those claims can be easily supported by her villain-like demeanor and threats to turn others into toads and the like. She was once a human-like witch, but fell into her latest potion, turning her into a Zafara.

She gives out quest to those who dare ask her for them in the Witch's Tower, her long-time residence in the Haunted Woods. If you decide to take a quest from her, be wary, because whether she's evil or not, she's not a very nice old witch.


Let's get this over with!
I'll give you warts unless you watch out!
Im going to turn you into a newt!
Lets try... hmmm... the Green Spell!
I'll get you my tasty little neopet...
Wing of Korbat and tongue of Warf!!! *Poof*
Time to die!
You're a little plump to be fighting in the Battledome aren't you?
Watch out, I may still decide to turn you into a toad!
You are a bit of a pushover really arent you?
What? I can't believe you beat me!
Why don't you stop staring and make yourself useful before this cauldron bubbles over? I need some ingredients quickly! Gather them up fast enough and maybe I won't turn you into a Mortog. Now, go!
One little potion mishap can do so much mischief. Argh! Of course, no one can sew a shadow back on as well as its owner, but you're welcome to try catching mine for me.
Do you want to see what one of my mixtures can do to you?! Then gather my ingredients! And be quick about it, I haven't got all night.
Please help me reunite with my shadow.
Give It A Rest!
I am tired of you lot. No, no, don’t explain. I know why you are here but you should know this, I am in the middle of getting a spell right and if I keep getting interrupted like this, things might go wrong. I won’t be held responsible for any harm caused, you hear? Good, I knew you’d be smart. Now take this and off you go

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