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Glubgar, the star of Volcano Run II. You may remember him from such games as Volcano Run! This curious Tyrannian Scorchio is once again inside the Tyrannian volcano trying not to get his wings singed whilst picking up some precious gems.


Argh, I'm trapped again! You'll help me out, won't you? Guide me mostly out of this mess and I'll reward you with this prize! What? No, I didn't just pick them up off the ground! *shifty eyes*
Agh!" *dodges out of the way of another flaming rock* "Hey, I know you're busy, but it's getting a little intense in here. Would you mind helping me out some? I'll make it worth your time and e--agghhh!" *ducks* "effort!
The Tax Beast will never catch me now! Ha ha! That's right, I found a VOLCANO to hide in. This is going to be great! Oh, if you want to hide here too, you should watch out for flying rocks and lava and stuff. This place is for pros. Just saying.
I really have no sense of direction at all. It's like they broke the compass I was born with. I'm pretty sure the Giant Omelette is through this lava tunnel, though. Pretty sure.
Well...what are you waiting for? Aren't you gonna help me out of this wretched rock? I have some, uh, fancy prizes if you can get me out of here!
I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew this time... There are plenty of gems down here though! Help me escape this molten mountain and we can split them 50/50!

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