The Book of Ages



This Miamouse lives on Tinker's Alley in the city of Miamecca. She is an inventor, and her proudest creation is the Podimus Airificus, a blimp capable of reaching the Cloud Plains in the sky. Unfortunately, she is afraid of heights.


Oh, hi there. I didn't see you come in. Are you here with my delivery?
Yes, I'm expecting a delivery of specially ordered parts for my latest invention...
I'm calling it the Podimus Airificus! Miamecca's first and only flying machine!
Of course, it still needs some work. That's why I need that delivery of doohickies and thingamajigs. I can't finish it without them.
Oh, well, I'm sure the delivery will arrive eventually. In the meantime... what can I do for you?
Care to take a look at my selection of armour? Every piece is 100% handcrafted and reasonably priced...

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