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Fingholl and his fellow explorer, Bayner, went underwater to see the ruins of Maraqua and gave their report on its destruction.


In this case, what we decided to do was lower a REALLY long rope down into the whirlpool. Thanks to our expert team of six Pteri's, who held the rope and hung on when things started to get rough, we were able make it all the way down with little more than a few bumps and scrapes.
Oh, it was awful. There was destruction all around... nothing was spared. Making our way through the rubble, you could see the Maraquan debris that lined the ocean floor: shards of glass from fishbowls of the Aquatic Petpets, mangled scraps of metal--the only remnants of Maraqua's endless array of Utilityfish. I've never seen anything like it...
Yeah, but that just wasn't the case... there was nothing down there left to rescue!

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