The Book of Ages

Sonya Haffaklax


This Miamouse lives in Miamecca city. She is an author, world famous for her History of Petaria series. She considers herself far better than her cousins, farmers near the village of Terrasymol.


Oh greetings, greetings! Ever so glad to make your acquaintance. I am Sonya Haffaklax of the Miamecca Haffaklaxes.
Please, no, no. No need to bow. Just because I'm a world famous, best-selling author doesn't mean you have to treat me any differently.
I know my superior education and vast intellect are daunting, but I'm no better than my pitifully poor, ignorant, dirt-farming cousins.
I'm currently conducting research for my latest book, The History of Petaria, Volume Ten. It will be riveting reading, truly.
I'm busy interviewing Rollo at the moment, but if you come back once he's gone, I could use your help. Ta ta 'til then!

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