The Book of Ages



This Mynci was one of two eyewitnesses to witness the start of the storm and whirlpool that destroyed Old Maraqua.


I'll say! Next thing we know, these dark clouds begin forming, it's pouring rain, the waves start to get real choppy, and that "soft breeze"? Why, in no time it had turned into a bone-chilling gust. It was the strangest thing I've ever seen...
As we paddled for our lives, I briefly looked up to catch my breath, and saw nothing but the black sky and the freezing rain that stung my cheeks. That's when I realised just how much trouble we were in...
But that didn't mean we were safe yet. On the contrary, at one point the waves got so bad that we were thrown overboard. Why, if it hadn't been for our lifejackets, we might've been lost in the storm.

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