The Book of Ages



This Feepit ghost resides in the catacombs under Miamecca's palace. In life he was a chef, but as a ghost Splykes took up residence in his ovens. Together with the other ghosts, he stole King Toogah's pearls.


Oh what? Another guest for dinner? Disaster! Listen, I'm having an utter nightmare in my kitchen right now!
What's wrong? Disaster! hese nasty Splykes have infested my ovens! How will I cook with these pests here?
Listen, I don't care about anything else anymore. Nothing is important to me, but my beautiful kitchen. Nothing!
Yes, anthing you want!" I'll even give up old King Toogah's pearl... I certainly have no use for it now...
Look, the Splykes are hiding, but I can makes them come out. Will you help? Are you ready to face them right now?

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