The Book of Ages

King Toogah


This Blurtle was the first Emperor of Miamecca. After he died, his ghost began to haunt the catacombs under the palace. The other ghosts stole his prized pearls and returned them time and time again. Eventually, this sent him insane, and he attacked Fluffy when they encountered each other.


Braaar! I've slept away countless moons...
You have lured me out of restless slumber by returning my beloved treasured pearls... Ha.. Ha ha ha!
THIEF! I've caught you now!
Silence!!!You steal my royal pearls, then you return them... then steal them and return them! And again and AGAIN!
Brrr... You will toy with me no more! You're caught this time... red-handed! And you will pay for touching these royal gems...
With your LIFE!

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