The Book of Ages



This Ganuthor is an archaeologist working in an area of the Western Desert known as the Maw of the Wadjet. He has been working on excavating some ruins lost during the Great Jelly Rebellion, but was really hoping to find the legendary Golden Chisel.


Please! Be careful! These ancient carvings are very delicate, very rare!
I've been working to excavate them for over a year now, and I'm nearly finished. It's a major discovery!
Most thought that these were destroyed during the Great Jelly Rebellion. Instead, they were only buried by the sands!
As marvellous as this discovery is though, I really wish I'd found the Golden Chisel. That's what every digger dreams of.
I suppose some mischievous critter could have carried it off into the Molten Caverns, but I hope not. The Caverns are impenetrable!
Still, if by some miracle you find the Golden Chisel and bring it back, I've got several potions I can part with. What do you think?

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