The Book of Ages

Fire Guardian


This magical Mootix is the elemental guardian of fire in Petaria, and was summoned when the Founder entered the world. He took up residence in the Molten Caverns in the Western Desert, and used a magical helmet to help him concentrate. Eventually, the Cyodrake stole the helmet under the orders of the Dark Guardian, but Fluffy recovered it.


Who's there?
How did you get here? I thought the bridge was destroyed. Was it... the Scamander tunnels then?
Well, I'm sorry you had to see my magnificent realm this way... corrupted by the wicked Cyodrake.
You see, ages ago, this "Wand of Wishing" created this world, and summoned us, the six elemental Guardians.
However, when the Founder hid the wand away, our control over these magic forces became unstable. I could no longer call forth fire reliably.
Using all my strength and will, I made an artefact called the Burning Gem. Setting it upon my helmet, I could think better.
However, the evil Cyodrake stole it! If you need my help, you must first retrieve he Burning Gem for me. Defeat the Cyodrake.

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During the final fight, he uses the word 'Flami'. It is unknown if this is his name, or part of a spell.

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