The Book of Ages

Earth Guardian


This Earth Faerie was called to Petaria when the Founder entered it and took charge of the elemental force of Earth. She set up a lair in the overgrown city of Denapas, but was captured by the Gnar. Fluffy later freed her.


You have been a very great help. You have my thanks.
For your efforts on my behalf, I offer these tokens of my appreciation.
You have eliminaed a stem of this evil, but the root remains. You must dig deeper for answers. Or perhaps... reach higher!
The Cloud Plains would make an ideal fortress for someone wishing to take over our world. The Air Guardian must be warned.
Seek Ethne in Miamecca. She may know of a way to reach the Cloud Plains. You'll need this Wind Bag to enter the Air Guardian's realm.
Good luck and safe travelling to you!

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More Information

During the final fight, she uses the word 'Veerix'. It is unkown if this is her name, or just part of a spell.

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