The Book of Ages

Air Guardian


This Magtile was called as the guardian of the element of Air when the Founder created Petaria. He set up home on the Cloud Plains, using local Breathers to create more clouds. The Dragoyle King attacked and captured him, but Fluffy managed to free him.


Thank you for freeing me! That power hungry Dragoyle wasss draining powerful magic from my realm.
Please, take this Health Orb and Pouch as thanksss. Now that I'm freed, I must take some time to recover my ssstrength...
Ssso the Founder has sent you to gather all the Guardians? Yesss, then seek out the Water Guardian. Use this Crystal Tear to enter his realm.
Be careful, as not many ships will venture out into the frozen watersss. Meanwhile, some dark force is working against us...
Watch your back. I will meet you at the Pyramid when I am ready. May the windsss carry you to safety, young hero.

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During the final fight of the game, the guardian says, 'Cavelos'. It is unknown if this is the guardian's name, or just part of a spell.

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