The Book of Ages

Captain Dobbs


This Feepit is a famous sailor at the Docks of Miamecca. He travelled to the Iceberg Archipelago in the hopes of discovering what happened to Captain Blacktusk, a famous pirate. He later took Fluffy to Shadow Island.


Ahoy thar! What business have ya here? I be busy planning me next trip, lookin' fer treasure and whatnot.
Ya see, once the Dread Pirate Blacktusk sailed north with a hull full of ill-gotten gold. The imperial fleet chased him...
Legend says he escaped by sailing into the Iceberg Archipelago, but was ne'er seen nor heard from again.
Well, I mean to find out where he went and where that treasure is! But no one can get close to the icebergs...
But if ya say there be a way... then I'll take ya. As far as me ship can go that is.
But while yer there, bring me back a clue. I wanna know what become of Dread Pirate Blacktusk. Will ya do that?

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