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Kanrik is the current head of the Thieves Guild. He gained the position by killing the former head, Galem Darkhand, and befriended Hannah in the process. He is a former lover of Masila, but appears to now be in a relationship with Hannah.


Nice try Galem... but this is the end for you.
Get ready -- other factions are mobilising and we don't have much time if we are to keep the element of surprise.
This is all they sent? This is sort of insulting. Eh -- their mistake.
Is that a sword or a toothpick? Never mind, I won't judge. Toothpicks have their uses.
Profits are up; this war was a stroke of genius. But let's not lose sight of our goal: the obelisk itself.
Somehow I don't think insulting their mommies is the best offensive tactic. It is offensive, though.
Good work, dispatching that last foe. Don't forget why we're here, though: the obelisk.
What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm working. I'm -- one moment, Hannah! -- very busy.
Attack that guy, would you? I'll pick his pocket while you distract him.
Hmph. This war doesn't have enough backstabbing for my taste.
You've managed to make them angry. Feel free to defeat them now.
Any fool can walk up and attack a foe. Only a true thief steals his knickers at the same time.
Keep fighting. It annoys our enemies when you run around yelling like that.
Don't just stand around cracking jokes. Who do you think you are, Hanso?
Don't worry, this is all part of my plan. You run in and fight, while we claim the obelisk.
Wake up, there's a new wave. Time to remember which end is the pointy end.
Finally, respectable foes. Get to work. We have an obelisk to loot.
It's like the obelisk is surrounded by idiots. Oh wait -- it is. Clear them out.
Great, now the leaders are fighting. Too bad we can't sit back and wait for them to destroy each other.
It must be some kind of foul magic trick. He's not real. Keep him distracted and the obelisk is ours.
All this time the obelisk held the Oracle, eh? Wasn't expecting that. You can't sell an Oracle to the highest bidder. Still, she may have something to offer that intrigues me. I have a feeling she could be useful to the Thieves Guild.
Bah, I cannot believe we lost. At least the Oracle is no trinket to pawn. Listen, uh -- thanks for fighting. It was decent of you. Don't go telling everyone I'm grateful; they'd get the wrong idea, but... I'm grateful. Anyway, grab some treasure before it disappears.
Perhaps we could work together. You could -- oh, you're familiar with backstabbing? Fine.
Strength only gets you so far, you know.
I don't have time for fools.
Too slow.
I'm not impressed.
You should get more practice before your next fight!!
That's not a proper dagger. This is a proper dagger.
That's a clever attack. But watch this.
You remind me of the Bori when we found them. Half asleep.
That's all you've got? Pathetic.
Personally, I'd rather live to fight another day.
Stealth has its uses, you know.
You only think you can defeat us. The Thieves Guild is everywhere.

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In the Curse of Maraqua Plot, Kanrik and Hannah appear to marry!

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