The Book of Ages

Zafara Rogue


Lurking the Deep Catacombs, the Zafara Rogue is always searching for the oblivious Neopian to snatch a few Neopoints from. If you visit there enough she may come to you with a Battledome invitation.


I fight only those that I deem worthy...
Once again I am undefeated! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Come on now, put some effort into it, this is getting very mundane...
If you dont start fighting better, this battle will be over all too soon...
I have more of a challenge getting dirt off my cloak!
Tsk tsk tsk... You need to trust in your skills or you will never become as great as I
My swordsmanship cannot be beaten!
The way you fight is laughable.. tee hee hee
Flee my little pet, while you still can! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Why dont you just run away you pathetic weakling?
My sword can sweep past you before you could blink
One sniff of my smoke bomb and you will be begging for mercy...
You filthy wretch, take that!
He he... come on.. play with me some more!
Impudent rascal!!!
For honour!
I have seen Mortogs more worthy of my time than you
For my familys honour I will vanquish you!
Do you REALLY think you can win this battle?
Beware, I am not all that I appear to be...
You may have won this time, but our battle has only just begun...

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The Rogue has a level 28 Cyodrake named Sultan.

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