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Sergeant Brexis


Sergeant Brexis is a member of the Defenders of Neopia and second in command to Judge Hog. Despite this, it's not known what his super ability is. His first appearance was in part 4 of the first series, where he was called Danger Buzz. He also appeared on mission 17 of the first series and in mission 4 of the second series.


I'll raise the alarm. Surely somebody out there can help!
That Meuka is a real pest, splattering his snot everywhere. I'm the expert on thwarting his evil plans... but even a top Defender of Neopia needs a break from the snottiness now and then. Care to lend a hand, citizen?
Ugh, I've drawn Meuka clean-up duty again. Lovely. Still, this is why I signed up to be a Defender of Neopia... to make the world a better place for good Neopians.

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