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Geoffrey was once just an average Chia living in Tyrannia, until the war broke out. Having made his own hand-made water balloon gun, he went out to protect his neighborhood from the scourge of the invading Chia Bombers. Now, that story has spawned the action games Chia Bomber and its current sequel, Chia Bomber 2.


You'd think that, with summer over, these mud and water balloon neighbourhood wars would come to and end, but they don't ever seem to stop! Do you think you've got just a bit more summer spirit left in you to help me out here?
Ugh, those bullies are back in my neighborhood, and this time they've got mud bazookas. I wish someone would teach them a lesson. In fact, maybe I'll do it myself.
Those meanies! I'll blast them into next week! Getting mud all over my neighbourhood... who do they think they are?!

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