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The Pant Devil


Beware the compulsive hoarder that is the Pant Devil. This eerie monster is not out to kill, rather to steal all your earthly possessions. There is possibly more than one Pant Devil floating around Neopia. The Pant Devil's entry in the Gallery of Evil says they have been spotted all over Neopia, so keep alert!


At last, we meet!
I hope the chia I stole this off of doesn't need it. HAHA!
What do you think? The money tree is silly isn't it?
Hehe, better luck next time!!!
Hehe, you may have beaten me this time, but just you wait...
Try it, I dare you...
I still have a few tricks up my sleeve...
I think it is a little too dark in here...
Not so fast! I will steal all your items!
Care to try that again?
Didn't I borrow something of yours lately?
You should really try harder...
HAHAHA, and you really think you can beat me?
HMMM, I think I will take that from you. HAHA!
Paah! I will beat you easily!

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The Pant Devil is the first opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 1.

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