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Lady Frostbite


Lost at sea as a child, no rescue attempts that she knows of were ever made for the Krawk known only as Lady Frostbite. She survived, though, brought up by a colony of Darblats and they made her their ruler. After so many years, she grew cold and angry and plotted revenge on the world that she thought abandoned her. Her plan was to make everyone else endure what she had and turn Neopia into a "giant snowcone."

The fiery member of the Defenders of Neopia, Torchio, was sent to her lair and stopped her before she could carry out her plot with all of the machine parts she had stolen from around the world.

She has since escaped captivity and hidden herself away on Terror Mountain, where the local Bori popluation have reported more blizzards than usual.


I will turn you to ice!
Aww... are you a bit cold?
Eat Pebbles!
You don't stand a chance against me.
Would you like to see what you look like?
Oh, haven't you heard of stone snowballs?
ARGH! I will not be defeated!
My staff will take care of you!
Snowball attack!
You will perish!
You won, I can't believe you won...
Haha, you won't be moving anytime soon.
This should take care of you!

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Lady Frostbite is the fourth opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 2.

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