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Lady Frostbite


Lost at sea as a child, no rescue attempts that she knows of were ever made for the Krawk known only as Lady Frostbite. She survived, though, brought up by a colony of Darblats and they made her their ruler. After so many years, she grew cold and angry and plotted revenge on the world that she thought abandoned her. Her plan was to make everyone else endure what she had and turn Neopia into a "giant snowcone."

The fiery member of the Defenders of Neopia, Torchio, was sent to her lair and stopped her before she could carry out her plot with all of the machine parts she had stolen from around the world. When arrested by the Defenders of Neopia, she had the prisoner number 1076592.

She has since escaped captivity and hidden herself away on Terror Mountain, where the local Bori popluation have reported more blizzards than usual.


I will turn you to ice!
Aww... are you a bit cold?
Eat Pebbles!
You don't stand a chance against me.
Would you like to see what you look like?
Oh, haven't you heard of stone snowballs?
ARGH! I will not be defeated!
My staff will take care of you!
Snowball attack!
You will perish!
You won, I can't believe you won...
Haha, you won't be moving anytime soon.
This should take care of you!
Psst. Hey, you there. The one running around investigating the island. You're friends with that reporter, aren't you? The one who printed that terrible article about Lady Frostbite? Well, it was GARBAGE! Slander, libel, and lies, every word! And I can prove it. Surely someone as dedicated to helping others as you is interested in setting the record straight? If so, then I advise you more carefully investigate the Mine. I'm sure there must be something left behind to prove Lady Frostbite's innocence...
That Dynamite... yes. It makes perfect sense. The cave must have collapsed and trapped me inside because someone blew up the entrance! It wasn't the storm at all! That must mean someone is framing me! I mean - Oh, never mind! You probably already deduced that I AM Lady Frostbite. But don't fret; I won't harm your pitiful by stylish town. I have no reason to. I didn't cause the storm. I just used it as cover to sneak into Dacardia. But if I'm being framed, I'll help you find who did it. Then I can get revenge.
You're still here? What are you waiting for? Even Darblats are faster than you. And they're not even half your size. Look. The longer that article goes uncontested, the more Neopets will start to believe it. And we can't have them believing lies, can we? Send some Neopets to check out the Mine and gather anything suspect. You should find what you need there.
I overheard some of the townsfolk discussing that echo you found. You can't possibly think that's MY voice, can you? You know what I sound like! But your friend doesn't... So I'll just have to prove it wasn't me. Again. It shouldn't be hard if we can craft something to record me speaking... Perhaps a Miniature Echo Chamber. That was how I always recorded my shower singing... Oops! Forget you heard that.
This will do. Now look away for a moment while I record myself. I can't very well perform if you're giving me stage fright... Ahem! "BWA HA HA HA HA! It is I, Lady Frostbite! And I am recording this to tell you, and all of Neopia, that I was not the one who caused the storm in Dacardia!" *Cough!* Yes. There we are. Take this to that journalist and make sure she sets the record straight.
There you are. I was beginning to wonder if - wait. What is THAT?! I recognize that Cutlass. It's Captain Scarblade's! You know, ruler of the five seas? Most dangerous pirate known to Neopet? He must have caused the storm and framed me. That settles it. I'll turn that barnacle-brained beast into a Lupe-sicle. But we're going to need to find evidence implicating him to add to the evidence you've already gathered. That Cutlass isn't going to be enough on its own. We'll need to keep searching the jungle for other strange, out-of-place items to add to your evidence collection... By which I mean you will. I'm still technically a wanted criminal.
A Belt Buckle and Cutlass. These pieces of evidence should be enough to point to whoever was part of the storm conspiracy... But just in case, I've slipped a photo of Scarblade into your bag. The evidence you've found should match the clothes he's wearing in it. That ought to convince that journalist who the real culprit is.
That Miniature Echo Chamber I saw was quite the interesting little device. Maybe when I can finally show my face, I'll make one for myself. I'd need an Echo to start, though...
A treasure map? Hmph. I don't remember Scarblade saying anything about a treasure... But it wouldn't surprise me at all if that's why he abandoned me. Hah! Wouldn't it be fun if WE found the treasure before him? That'll teach him to betray me. If we get there first, he'll come straight to us! We'll get the treasure AND revenge. And I think I know just how. I stole a scrap of paper off Scarblade's desk while we traveled. It might come in handy now. I'll put it in your inventory so you can compare it to that Map.
Hmph. I still don't understand this map, even with the legend I provided. It's obviously a Map of Dacardia, but... I don't know the island well enough to say where anything is. You'll have to take it to someone else to properly decipher it.

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Lady Frostbite is the fourth opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 2.

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