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Finneus, the Archive Keeper of Altador, is the (forgetful) book-keeper of Altador. You'll never see him without his Meepit Plushie (and even if he loses it, he has a box full of them stashed in a closet somewhere far away). In the Altador mini-plot, he helped people solve the clues around the city.


What a fascinating book. It appears to be completely blank, except for a prologue! Why would someone print a mostly blank book?
Say, I wonder where I put that Meepit plushie...
Hmm, that's very interesting. According to my research, it's possible to predict the next winner of the chariot races. I wouldn't dream of using this knowledge for illicit profit, but... would you care to join me down by the racetrack? I'd like to test my hypothesis.

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Finneus is the Lenny Conundrum Wizard's uncle. It is unknown how exactly this is the case as Finneus was presumably hidden away from Neopia along with the rest of Altador for the last thousand years, whereas the Wizard was not.

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