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The Elephante Defender known as Mammoth is one of the strongest Defenders around. He was sent to take down Kasuki Lu, his childhood hero, who was causing destruction all over Neopia, with as little damage dealt as possible.


Man... are they EVER gonna settle down and stop moving all these shops around?!?
Kasuki Lu?!? I can't believe it!
He's a personal hero of mine, going back to when I was a youngster first getting started...
What's the matter, Kasuki Lu?!? This just isn't like you - running around, demolishing everything that you see...
Hopefully, a shot with this Broccoli Tree will way lay Kasuki Lu without hurting him TOO badly...
It's gonna be a long day...
Kasuki Lu, you're my hero.
A Grundo work crew from the Space Station just installed this pinball machine in the Defenders of Neopia headquarters. Judge Hog said that real heroes could beat this game easily, but... maybe I could watch over your shoulder and get some tips. What do you say?

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His first appearance was in the Defenders of Neopia Series 2 - Mission Three.

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