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The fiery Scorchio Defender was sent to look for Lady Frostbite after reports of stolen machine parts from stores around Neopia. Torchio quickly found Lady Frostbite in the lair of the Darblats, who she was queen of. Torchio fought her and her frozen minions and emerged victorious.


Man, I hate the cold...
...But you're made of fire, he says. The cold shouldn't bother you, he says.
What the heck are these guys?
Queen, eh? You don't look much like one of them.
Eat fireballs, frosty!
Now, where'd that Krawksicle run off to?
I think all this ice must have frozen your brain. Your plan will never work. It's crazy.
And cliche Come on, ice villain wants to cover the world in ice. How unoriginal is that?
Oh, that's very clever. Did you stay up all night coming up with that?

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His first appearance in the Defenders of Neopia was in Series 2 - Mission Four. He has appeared before this in the Commemorative Defenders Stamp #4.

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