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This chef of scones, pies and other baked goods opened up her shop soon after Neovia returned from the grave. She enjoys her creations just as much as her customers.


Fresh pastries! Get yer pastries while they're hot! No, I meant it... buy summat 'fore I eat it meself!
I tell ye, a girl works hard to bake a few biscuits, and how is she repaid? With theft and skullduggery, that's what! Being royalty doesn't make Skarl any less of a toad in my book. Stealing biscuits! What is the world coming to?
Want to earn yer keep? I need a whole mess of Neggs for me new Negg Pudding. Not the red ones, though -- they'll spoil the pudding. *sigh* 'Twas only 500 weeks ago when I was too busy tryin' a new game, Better Than You, to pull me muffins out of the oven...
I do love a good chase, especially if there's a Negg at the end of it! I can make Negg crumpets, Negg scones, or even Negg Pie. Oooh, I'd better catch some right quick!
There In a Minute! This door been buzzin' all day, what a crowd! So are ye here fer some pastries or are ye in the Haunted Woods lookin' fer a scare? Oh, yer trick-or-treatin'? Of course I got summat fer ye! There ye go! Don't it look just like a pastry? I made the bag meself!
I was so elated when I heard the Festival of Neggs would be coming to Neovia that I decided to make ye a massive batch of Negg Pudding. But overnight, summat gobbled it all up and tracked dirt all over me kitchen!
I triple-checked all me doors and windows were locked tight! I tell ye, I was never the superstitious sort, but perhaps there's some truth to the rumours drifting through the Neovian fog...
There have been whispers... That a vengeful spirit 'as been wreaking havoc upon Neovia once the sun goes down. There have been all manners of strange sightings, and now Neovians like me are having their homes invaded and valuables stolen!
I had me reservations as well, but these odd occurrences all started after a stranger was caught vandalizin' a Neovian crypt...
Well best be careful bout it. Between all the haunting hearsay and that magsman Biggsby "revamping his business", I fear trouble has found its way to our little town once more.
Aye you are probably right. I just worry is all, me dear. Especially after hearing what happened durin' last year's festival... by the by, how is poor ole Topsi doing?
Oh, that is wonderful to hear. I'll have a special scone waiting for him! Assuming he can even eat that is... But enough of my prattling, it seems your first Negg Hunter has arrived!

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