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MAGAX was once one of Hubrid Nox's greatest servants and warriors; in that life of his, he did terrible atrocities and made a vile name for himself. A while ago, he turned against his master and started fighting against him in an effort to repent from his sins. Apparently, he did something which even the Faeries will not forgive him for.


I was once your slave, but no more!
Doesn't this guy ever give up? Maybe if you lend a hand I can finish him off for good? Probably not, but it's worth a shot. Get over here and make yourself useful!
You think these Petpets are cute, don't you. *sigh* I'm not going to bother telling you why you need to bop them. If you aren't quick, you'll find out soon enough. Of course, the world might end shortly after that, but that's not my fault, is it?
RAWR! MAGAX SMASH! But seriously, with Hubrid Nox gone, I have to keep training somehow. Because he'll come back someday. He WILL. I can sense it.
My old enemy Hubrid Nox may be long gone, but something strange is happening in the old graveyard tonight. There have been reports of ghost sightings. Something must be gathering the ghosts... or someone.
Are you just gonna stand there or are you going to help? I can't take down Hubrid Nox all by myself! Get over here and help!

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MAGAX's name is given as both Magax (normal capitalisation) and MAGAX (full capitals). It is unclear which is official, if either. He joined the Brute Squad after the death of Hubrid Nox.

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