The Book of Ages

Princess Terrana


In hopes of becoming the greatest warrior in existence, the Shenkuu Emperor's youngest daughter tried to scale the mountain with help only from her trusty grappling hook, in the hopes of finding the fabled Sword of the Moon and impressing her father. Unfortunately, after an encounter with a Blurgah on the mountain, she had to be rescued by her father, proving that she was not quite ready.

She also briefly appeared in The Search For Princess Lunara, being Lunara's sister; she helped Lunara escape from her room by wrecking it, calling it a game.


Get to the top? Of course I will! Whether anyone can beat me there is the real question. And not to brag, but I seriously doubt you have the endurance. Shall we race?
I thought I'd go for a hike this morning. You know, early enough that I don't have the entire imperial retinue chasing after me. You should see all those bureaucrats dangling from their grappling hooks, swinging in the wind... All that shrieking scares off the birds.
I'm training for the Altador Cup! Oh, the odds that Papa the Emperor will let me go are about forty zillion to one, but I still think it's worthwhile to try. You have to be really agile and tough to compete in Yooyuball, so I'm practicing my moves.
Race you to the top? Last one there is a Rotten Negg!
Just you wait, I'm going to be the greatest warrior Shenkuu has ever seen. Don't believe me? I'll race you up the mountain. Last one to the top is a rotten negg!

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Her Magazine appearance was in issue #22.

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