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AAA, aka the "Games Master," was the creator of the Daily Dare back in March 2007. He believes he's the best at any and every game and even brags about an immeasurable IQ, despite the fact that many Neopians always defeat his challenges. He regularly plays with his sister, Abigail, and their cousin, Lulu.


With this game, I can prove my gaming genius! Mwahaha -- oh, hi there...
Ah, yes, I remember this game. I beat it before anyone else even noticed that it was out. Good times, good times.
Victory is achieved by hard work, dedication, and... okay, okay, I just really like to play games, all right?
Now this is an excellent game. You can feel it expanding your intelligence as you play. Well, *I* can, anyway.
Abigail just stomped past. I think she's starting to crack. Ha ha! I knew the pressure would be too much for her!
There's nothing like beating your top score and going beyond what you thought was your best. It's a great feeling, isn't it?
Yes! I'm practically the King of Games now! This game is just one more step on my path to ultimate triumph!
Oh, please. This is the easiest game ever! *sigh* Fine, I'll play it, but next time I'd like a real challenge...
Poor Abigail. With games like these, her silly team has no chance at all. I was born to win this game!
Abigail mustn't win. It would be a disaster beyond reckoning. Do you hear me? I would be ruined. Ruined!
I see you there, thinking about wandering off. Don't do it. A true gaming champion never admits defeat!
My little sister has no idea what she's up against, competing against me. I almost feel bad for her. Almost.
Easy peasy. I could play this game in my sleep. I could win it in my sleep. I could set a new high score in... you get the idea.
Ha! Have you not heard? I am Aristotle A. Avinroo - Games Master Aaa to you - and you may notice things are a little different around here. My extremely high IQ has made me the perfect choice to run the new Games Room. I can tell you're impressed.
Well, it means that I watch over all the games in the Games Room. For someone of my intelligence, it's quite easy. Did you know that I can play eight puzzle games at the same time with my eyes closed? I can tell you're impressed.
AH HA! I've got it! A Games Master Challenge is in order! You see, if there really are great gamers in Neopia, they will have no problem proving it, right? Yes. Brilliant.
This is fantastic! Only someone with a cognitive capacity such as mine could come up with an idea like this. I will draft the rules and announce them to all of Neopia, say, tomorrow. Yes, the 22nd of the Month of Storing. Gamers from every world will answer my challenge, and perhaps I'll even award prizes... well, that's doubtful. No one will ever perform well enough for that. Anyway, come back tomorrow! Yes... tomorrow...
On 22nd of the Month of Storing, I issued the Games Master Challenge! The idea is to complete all the challenges I've handed down. I'm sure it would be difficult for someone like you, but they're really easy for me.
That's it, really. Once you complete a challenge, you can click on the gift image to collect your prize. I sure most people won't get that far, though, so I don't expect to be giving away many prizes. Ha ha!
It seems that there are a few gamers in Neopia worthy of challenging me, although my place as the most powerful gamer in Neopia clearly still stands. I suppose you may still collect prizes for any challenges you've completed, but I won't be giving any further credit for any incomplete challenges. Ha!
Greetings, my name is Aristotle A. Avinroo. Some of you may remember me from earlier this year when I challenged you pathetic gamers to beat my scores. A few of you managed to overcome my Daily Dare challenge, but now I am back, and you won't be so lucky this time!
You now have no chance to beat me. I've trained long and hard, using my superior IQ to improve all of my gaming methods and strategies. To once again assert myself as the unquestionable master of the Games Room, I am issuing a new challenge! I'll speak slowly and try to explain my proposal as simply as possible, so hopefully you will all be able to understand it.
This time, I will offer five challenges per day each day for one week. These challenges will consist of games of my choosing. If, by some miracle, you actually manage to complete any of them, you will be rewarded well. The more scores you beat, the better your trophy will be. Of course, there's no chance anyone will get the top trophy, because absolutely no one could possibly beat all of my challenges! Do you think you're ready? Of course you're not, but try to prepare yourself anyway! Let the Games Master Challenge begin! Hahaha!
I've devised a fiendishly clever new challenge. You have to send scores in two games, and I'll tell you the scores, but not the games! Oh, all right, I guess you can have a hint -- the games are both Petpetpet-themed.
So, you fancy yourself an athlete, eh? Then let's see if you can figure out which three games to play for this challenge!
Sorry, this challenge does not exist.
They say a Petpet is a Neopet's best friend. What do you mean, 'Who's "they"?' Scientists, of course! Anyway, you'll never figure out the four games for this challenge!
Don't freeze up on this challenge, or your chances of winning will be put on ice! Ha! I have an entire repertoire of cold-based puns. Speaking of which, do you think you can figure-skate out the games for this snow-themed challenge? Ha! See what I did there?
With today's challenge, Neopia has become a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Dare you try to divine the destination for each of today's diabolical games?
Are you ready to rumble? I SAID, ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?! Each of today's games shares a common theme -- smashing, bashing, and destruction! Can you figure out all five before it's too late?
Welcome to the Games Master Challenge! I'm your host, Aristotle A. Avinroo, Neopia's greatest gamer. Do you have the skills to compete against Neopia's gaming elite? Find out now...
It pretty much goes without saying that I'm the best. There's no shame in being second though, so why don't you give it a shot?
Can you prove that you're as brilliant as me when it comes to mastering games?
It's time to show that you can stand the heat when things get too hot to handle.
This is your chance to show off your gaming skills and really make a splash!
Are you afraid of the dark? Here's one way to prove that you're not!
You'd better be on your toes if you wanna have a shot at competing with me!
In times like these, it's important for you to stay grounded...
Your chance to soar has finally arrived. Will you make the most of it, or crash and burn?
Let it be known across all of Neopia that I, AAA the undisputed Games Master, have issued a new Games Master Challenge! Yes, it's probably unfair of me to reassert my complete game dominance over all of you on a regular basis, but it amuses me. So, here it is: complete all of the challenges I've set out for you and you'll be rewarded. Of course, I didn't even break a sweat completing them, so you should survive it.
And so, another Games Master Challenge comes to a close. While a handful of you barely met the standards I laid out, the fact I could easily complete any of these challenges just further establishes my position as the greatest gamer Neopia's ever seen. Those who've already scraped by can still collect prizes for the challenges you've already completed, I guess, but time's up on the challenges that remain undone (which, I'm guessing, is probably most of them). Better luck next year, underlings!
Aha! I see you're back, and just in time to lose - again! Below are this year's challenges. They're based on Neopia's history to celebrate our 10th birthday. Good luck, you'll need it to beat me!
Hi everyone, AAA here. In honour of Neopia's 10th Birthday, let's take a walk down memory lane. Well, you can walk, I'll be in my super-awesome hover-chair, of course. Anyway, there have been tonnes of great games in Neopia over the years... and I'm good at all of them! Even back in Y3, when I was just a little 'Roo, I was already at the top of the High Scores Table in Kiko Match I. Now's your chance to show that you're a gamer for the ages. All you have to do is complete all of the challenges I've created, and you'll be rewarded!
There's no shame in admitting that your gaming skills can't compare to mine.
Alas, the Games Master Challenge has come to an end. Thank you for your efforts to best my scores, puny as they may have been. Perhaps your attempts to unseat me as Neopia's greatest MASTER gamer will fare better next year? Nah....
Back for another shot at the master, eh? I'm feeling nostalgic, so this year's challenges are based on my favourite classic Neopian games. There's also a challenge where players join together to work toward a common goal. Best of luck, my worthy adversaries... hehe.
Oh good! You can help me prove my brilliance - I mean, our brilliance. Intelligence is really underrated these days, especially by certain people. Let's trounce them utterly, shall we?
So, you'd like another look at your final Games Master Challenge Prizes... okay, here you go.
I'm AAA and I'm back to run the Daily Dare this year. I must say this is so much more fun than attending lectures and working on assignments. What better way to spend your holidays than lounging around all day and just playing games?! Oh and creating legendary high scores is an added bonus. Well, I hope all of you have fun in the most popular event of the year. Before you go any further you may want to read the FAQs.
Seems King Roothless over there wants to get some shut eye...buuuuut this also happens to be the perfect time to practice my awesome yoyoing skills. Not saying I'm up to no good, but let's see what we can get away with!
Help the true 'Master of Games' escape the evil clutches of King Roothless!
Wondering what's up? Abigail wanted to keep an eye on Lulu as she vacations in the Virtupets Space Station, so I thought we might as well have Daily Dare right here, among the Grundos and the Evil Fuzzles! Abigail seems to be a little distracted by Lulu’s shenanigans but I’m all set to create the highest scores in history! This is going to be so much fun! Before you join us up here, be sure to read the FAQs.
That supercilious King Roothless, intimidated by my superior intellect, had the audacity to lock me in a dungeon! Any ideas on how to get Abigail and I out of here? What? Well of course I've already come up with several viable escape routes of my own design! I am just uh... curious as to what you would do...

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AAA is currently attending Brightvale University, studying Game Creation 101.

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