The Book of Ages

Lab Ray Scientist


This mad scientist is the mind behind the infamous Lab Ray, where you can zap one of your pets every day in the hopes of getting a rare avatar color or major stat boosts.


Shall we start?
Watch out for those stray beams of light...
Hehe, better luck next time!!!
There might be a little pain...
Hmmmm... you need some work on agility.
Some more strength might not hurt you...
Feeling a bit STRANGE?
This scorchstone was handed down from my grandfather...
Wow, good job!! Lets fight again!
You may need to use the lab ray a little more often.
What are you doing here?!?
I've sent Kooky to the Petpetsitter service while I take care of some... errands. I expect you to take excellent care of Kooky while he is there. Treat him as you would your own mad scientist Petpet.
Sometimes I have to come to the mainland to gather supplies. I'm particularly fond of this one laboratory deep within the Haunted Woods. They invent the most delightfully unstable compounds.

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