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October 5, 2011

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Hubrid Nox is another of the most famous villains on Neopets, not to mention Dr. Sloth's biggest contender for ruling Neopia. Hubrid is a warlock, and a stereotypical villain with cliche plots. But he's not ashamed of that, as evidenced in the game MAGAX: Destroyer II, when he tries to take over the world by use of undead slaves. To trick MAGAX, he once pretended to be a Cybunny named Cheelee. He was framed by Xandra as the person who turned the Faeries to stone, and was later killed by her to cover her tracks. However, he has since risen again as a ghost. While still alive, he looked like this:

Hubrid Nox while alive


Evil ghost Neopets that rise from the dead-they will make me an invincible army! Soon the whole of Neopia will be my slaves!!!
So, the mighty Dr. Sloth thinks he can just waltz right into the Haunted Woods and set up some evil lab for his schemes without my permission? Help me show him who the true master of the Haunted Woods is and I shall reward you.
Join me, evil ghost petpets! We will take back Neopia! Haha, you think you can stop me, the great Hubrid Nox? Guess again, you'll never stop my army from rising!
You think you can defeat ME? Ha! You fool, you will never rid of me!!!
Mwahaha! You'll never be able to escape me, you gullible weakling. I have minions everywhere!

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Hubrid Nox is an honourary member of the Awakened rather than a full member. He has a level 38 Goulblee named Dash.

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