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Dieter is a Polarchuck that absolutely loves eating snow. He loves it so much that a game was made after that very concept: him dodging Snow Wurms, scoring points and just eating frozen snow.


Nom nom nom... *burrrrp!* [Translation: The green ones taste the best, you know. The pink ones are a bit peppery, and the blue blocks are have such a dull aftertaste. The green blocks have a refreshing minty flavour that delights the palate. I quite prefer them.]
I was wandering around these pine trees when I came to a field of delicious snow. It's soooo good, I just had to try every flavour! I think there might be more underneath, too. Yum!
Nom nom nom nom nom... You have to come try this! Snow is the best food.
Is there anything as delicious as frozen snow? Help me chomp all the way down to the bottom! And make sure to keep an eye out for Bloat-B-Gone so I can- *Burpppp*

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