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Rollay was a scientist working at the jungle facility in ancient Neopia. After a while he went mad, due to the influence of the corrupted Circle of Twelve, and started creating lizard monsters to overrun the facility; eventually, he even turned himself into one.

A thousand years after that, though, the NeoQuest hero came and fought him to find answers to his quest. Being a kill-or-be-killed situation, the hero slew Rollay and managed to get a few, sane words out of his dying breath. At his defeat, he slithered into the underground lake behind him and never resurfaced.


Leave thisss place, foolissssssh mortal! You are no match for my ssstrength!
Thisss isss my domain! None ssshall defeat me here!
Ssss... my powersss... are fading. For ages I have ruled this place... aahhhh...
You mussst be insssane if you think you can defeat my... my massster, who gave me these powersss... He will win in the end... he alwaysss doesss... I sssuppose... that you would have a better chance... with this. Find Korabric... here... and tell him... I am sssorry...

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