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Jake is a Kougra explorer extraordinaire, never seen without his fedora. He's always on the lookout for treasure, always getting himself into trouble in the process, though always finding a way out of it with his prize. He was once sent on a quest to recover the Mystical Tiki Totem by King Kawillawoa.


So, you've come to try your hand at adventuring, have you? I hope you're prepared. I might make exploring jungles and climbing volcanoes look easy, but trust me, it's not! Well, if you're determined, I can't stop you, but be careful!
Bit of a precarious predicament here. I made a bet with this Usul named Hannah that I could find the golden idol hidden in Mystery Island before next Wednesday. But it's really well hidden! I'm talking serious danger here! I don't suppose you would help a fellow out?
Watch out, there's a dangerous Bargasaurus ahead. It probably smells the fresh berries at the Gadgadsbogen celebration. Mmm, I can't wait to join the party! But I had better take care of this critter first. You run ahead and start serving the tourists and elders, so the rest of us can eat, okay?
It's time to get going! You don't get the title of Neopia's Greatest Explorer without taking some risks after all. Just watch out for those rocks - we can't have a crushed fedora.
Woah, hold it there! This is no place for a novice adventurer. Mystery Island traps can be a handful, even for an explorer extraordinaire such as myself. Well, you sure seem confident, but we will see who grabs that rare golden idol first!

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He is the mascot of Islandberry Crunch Cereal and he has a comic of his own.

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