The Book of Ages



This shopkeeper manages to get hold of new NC items three days before they are due to be released - she then sells the items to the Mall's most regular customers ahead of time. She does this using a time machine called a chronomobile, and sometimes uses it to gather items from past events of Neopia. If she encounters parts of history that are changed, it is up to her to correct them. She was a suspect in the abduction of the Scorchio Alchemist, but was ruled out of the investigation.


Come in, come in! Are you seeing what I'm seeing? I've managed to get my hands on some NC items a few days early! Check back often to see what other items I've found!
My dear, you have come just in time to witness my chronomobile in action--it's how I travel through time, you see. I'll drop off a History Capsule at the NC Mall from each era for you to investigate.

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