The Book of Ages

Magnus the Torch


After accidentally setting fire to an entire village during a sneezing fit, Magnus the Torch retreated to living a hermit's life north of Tyrannia. He will challenge any Neopet brave enough to venture to his home in the Volcano if they make it.


Shall we start?
Hehe, better luck next time!!!
Hey, why do you want to fight ME?
I will not put up with insolent pets like you!!!
No, I do not like having visitors.
Now, who is this fool that dares to challenge me?
You think you can beat me?
So far so good...
You'll never beat me!!!!
Don't ever trust a Scorchio that lives in a volcano!
What are you doing here?!?
Wow, good job!! Fancy another match?
I am immune to you and all of your weapons... you cannot stop me!

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