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He and his friend Milo were incredibly bored one day in Tyrannia. They had nothing to do. Gif'n spotted a Symol and had the idea for Tyrannian Mini Golf. Ever since, the game has been a wild success!


We could gather a bunch of round rocks, some nice sticks, outline the course a bit, then charge Neopets a small fee for us to teach them how to play!
You've gotta help me. Milo is soooo sad -- he lost his favourite golf ball somewhere in the jungle. He thinks it might be on the golf course, but he won't get up and go look. Of course, I can't make him move; he's much bigger than me! Will you get out there and comb the hazards for us?

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While Gif'n and Milo created the game, neither of them are featured in the game. Mini Golf is an anagram of Gif'n and Milo's names.

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