The Book of Ages

Professor Josh Kugar


Professor J. Kugar is the curator of a museum who discovered the existence of the Tyrannian petpet currently known as the Gruslen and the negg-loving Talpidat.


Gazing up I saw two large tusks, and a pair of fierce looking eyes staring back at me!
Quite right! The mischief around town is indubitably the work of a petpet. Pardon me for eavesdropping, but if you don't mind, I believe I can shed some light on the matter.
I'd uh prefer to stay a Kougra, if you don't mind that is! Please, allow me a moment to explain myself, I can assure you this whole dreadful affair has been one huge misunderstanding.
Professor! Professor Josh Kugar, at your service. Museum Curator. Petpet Expert. Discoverer of the Gruslen-
Yes, well I do have a tendency to ramble...
Of course. You see I find myself in this current predicament due to the folly of my own curiosity and cowardice-
Although discovering the Gruslen was no doubt a celebrated achievement, one can only ride the curtails of former glory for so long. Especially while living in the shadow of your suave globetrotting explorer brother...
Ahem, forgive my digression. So, to reinvigorate my career, I set out to discover an entirely new petpet! And finally, after some digging, I found several tomes scattered around the Haunted Woods that spoke of an ancient and mysterious negg loving petpet. The volumes I found indicated that these petpets were revered by an ancient neovian cult, who built them a secret chamber. Supposedly the critters could survive underground for hundreds of years, subsisting off of negg caches, clusters of achlorophyllous neggs that grow in fertile pockets of air underground.
Neither could my assistant! Or rather my former assistant... The ungrateful turncoat left me to assist another Kougra Professor, but get this, this one studies petpetpets! I mean how ridiculous is that?
Thank you!
Quite right! After my assistant abandoned me, I became rather desperate to prove I wasn't on some wild-Lenny chase. So, I travelled to Neovia myself to find traces of the cult's existence around town. They led me here, where I quickly surmised that behind that hatch was the entrance to the petpet's hidden lair. I started to pry it open, but before I could finish, an unruly mob of villagers chased me away!
Well, they were quite angry for starters! And, to tell you the truth, I much prefer the company of petpets to that of other neopets. Thus, I have been hiding away like a poltroon ever since, waiting until the opportune moment to explain my less than dignified behaviour.
I came to the same conclusion and have been hoarding a few neggs for just such an occasion. I believe the scent should lure our capricious culprits out into the open.
By jove, I knew it! I shall dub them Talpidats!
An astute observation! They seem to be much more accustomed to using their oversized paws for burrowing underground or swimming in subterranean water pockets, likely from a lifetime of searching for negg clusters. No surprise they aren't quite as agile on land.
I have a working theory on that matter as well! Since they are quite uncoordinated aboveground, I surmise that they excrete the bioluminescent substance from their tails as a way to find the way back to their nest.
I had plenty of time to observe their traces and theorize about their behaviour patterns during my time hiding around the town! I also suspect that they use those needlelike teeth to drain neggs dry.
A splendid idea! I could adopt one to join me and my Gruslen at the museum. I would relish the opportunity to further study it
Oh and find a suitable pet to attach that critter to as soon as you can! From the look of it, they nest in small groups, so I suspect they are highly social creatures. Wouldn't want them to get lonely!
Indeed it was sir!
Thank you Kari. Now I must apologize for giving you the wrong impression, but I wasn't trying to tarnish your town's lovely uh crypt at all. Rather, I was on the hunt for an undiscovered petpet, one that was lurking in a hidden chamber beneath Grave Danger.
Indeed they are! I reckon they can only be found in Neovia.

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