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Lumi is the babysitter of an unending horde of Baby Usuls in her game, The Usul Suspects. When she took the job, the parents of the Usuls hadn't told her just how many children they had, and perhaps even a few of their friends had decided to drop their own children off for some free time of their own. Armed only with a water pistol and a giant supply of milk bottles, she defends the last part of the playground that the Usuls haven't dominated yet.


Now it's personal.
Argh! A little help here? I don't know how much longer I can hold them off! Please just do what you can. If we make it out of here in one piece I'll bake you a cake!
Don't tell their parents, but the baby Usuls I normally babysit aren't that different from these little monsters... er, I mean these adorable Petpets. I could use the money, so I'm happy *cough* to babysit these guys, but if you really want to, I suppose you could try...
Ah! This hoarde of baby Usuls is neverending... Help me out while I take a na- I mean refill the milk bottle supplies!
Yeah, thanks for standing there watching but um, a little help would be nice!
Oh no! These Usuls' parents are gonna be here any minute now! If I don't get them to bed soon I'll be fired for sure, so come on quit standing around and help me would ya?
This is the naughtiest lot of all the babies I have babysat! You have to help me! Please!

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