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Loryche is the captain and center forward of the Tyrannian Team at the Altador Cup. She makes up for her lack of scoring and speed with good passing, running plays, and her talented leadership. When she joined Tyrannia she was the most lazy player out there, but when she gained more responsibility she began to turn her game around. In 2012 when the team adopted Gruslens, she suggested handing them to the PPL.


IT'S ALTADOR CUP TIME! YEAH!! Oh wait, no, it's not. Darn. I guess I'll just twiddle my nonexistent thumbs and play some golf while I wait. *sigh*
What, you think Yooyuball is the only game I'm good at? Guess again.
Barmie is a dedicated team player whose presence has always had a positive impact on our team’s performance.
The Forsaken Five may or may not have been jinxed. My team is throwing all they've got into the game. We're aiming for perfection in play this time. Nothing less will do.

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Loryche participated as a member of the Tyrannian Yooyuball team from 2006 to 2022. She appeared in a vision of ancient Altador, implying she is either very old or capable of some form of time travel.

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