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This successful Tyrannian salesman has sold more tentacle sprouts than anyone else in Neopia. Maybe its his personality, or his brilliant sales pitch - Uggh-Ugga-Ugg! He used to be the shopkeeper in the Tyrannian Foods shop, but was replaced with a Kacheek in 2010 for unknown reasons. He was less than impressed about being sacked.


Ugga UGH! Trrygdorr had good job, selling grub at Tyrannian Foods. Now some Kacheek have Trrygdorr's job. Trrygdorr MAD. Trrygdorr have petition here, full of names. Maybe you take petition to TNT's door and show them Trrygdorr have powerful friends.

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This Chia bares a close resemblence to the Defenders of Neopia opponent, the Cave Chia. It is unknown if they are related.

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