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Loic is an alchemist that has discovered a method of recolouring certain wearable items. He runs the Dyeworks in the NC Mall.


Welcome to my studio! I'm Loic. In my studies of colour and alchemy I discovered something amazing: a potion that can duplicate wearables! Best of all, the new item will be a random colour. There have been some marvellous results. Won't you come in and try it out?
Do you have any of the items below? Rare, old NC wearables in particular have a resonance with my potion, I've found. Purchase one of my Hue Brew Potions and we'll test its effects. It should duplicate your item in a beautiful new colour. I can't wait to see what we get!
Now that the studio is open, it's time to splash some colour around. Check this space for special promotions coming soon

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