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Jeran is originally from Neopia Central, but as a child he stumbled through a magical portal that teleported him back in time to Meridell. There he grew up to become a knight who played a pivotal role in both of the Meridell-Darigan wars. Eventually, he was also joined in the past by his long lost sister, Lisha.


The world is full of danger... but there is always hope.
As a knight, I try to uphold certain moral standards like justice, compassion, and I do try my best to forgive... I admit it though, I do take a certain joy out of smacking a Kass plushie with a bat every once in awhile. Care to join me?
Can you roll your way through to surpass us all?

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There was a painting in the Neopia Central museum depicting Jeran. In it, he was called Sir Borodere, which his Collectable Card was also originally called.

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