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Albert was once a spotted Kacheek with plans to become the best gardener in Neopia. Unfortunately, the Esophagor cursed him into his current form. Now, Albert is forced to perform tasks for the creature in the hopes the curse is lifted.


Ugh, another dreaded sunny day, so let's go where we're happy... I guess I'll meet you at the Graveyard of Doom.
Listen to those howls. Nothing like the Haunted Woods on a full moon. Say, you want to have a race in the graveyard tonight? I bet I can beat you blindfolded!
The Esophagor wants to go trick-or-treating, so I suppose it's good that he's got me looking out for him. Otherwise, it'd be a pretty sad Halloween for a fellow who can't exactly go door to door. Not that you'd want him to...
Ugh, you want to collect some of MY candy? The Esophagor will not be pleased if we don't report back with everything on the list! Let's move!
Another night, another maze! Man, nothing beats this place, let me tell you!
Agh great, Esophoger says if I grab some spooky items from around the graveyard he'll reverse the curse...but I mean he's said this before and yet here I am still cursed...although I don't mind the graveyard so much, what do I really have to lose?
Time to feed that blasted Esophagor... again... how about a little help this time? Just make sure my lantern stays lit!

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