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Bonju is the chef onboard the Cyodrake's Gaze. Although he takes great pride in his cookery, he is something of a joke with the other crew members, particularly Hoban. This eventually got too much for him, and he pushed Hoban overboard. His punishment was to be locked in the hold until they returned to Shenkuu.


I am a master culinary artist, after all!
I bet you've never seen anything like that before!
Seems my best knife mysteriously disappeared, and I needed something to carve with.
I'll have you know that I graduated at the top of my class from culinary school... from a school even tougher than this one! If you ever want to claim the title of Neopian Chef, you'll have to prove that you have the chops.
I used to be the most famous chef in Neopia. Now? Now I serve juice boxes to Petpets. Oh, you think you could do better? You think this is easy? Ha!
Ugh, it's quite impossible to turn out perfect dishes with the sort of help one finds nowadays. Everyone's a critic! I don't need a waiter telling me to put more spice on my Curried Fish.
Academy, indeed! This is nothing more than a front for short order cook production! I wouldn't be caught dead applying here! What? Of course I can handle it. I'm a culinary genius!
I didn't get a good look. I remember orange and purple.

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