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Prytariel is the defensive leader of the Terror Mountain team. She is a capable guard and had fantastic passing skills, but has had a serious scoring problem in the past. She seems to have a better track record for scoring in the post-season.


Hee hee hee... and another faerie gets a faceful of snow! Score! I know I'm supposed to be practicing for Yooyuball, and hitting the wrong target is the worst thing you can do, but sometimes it's good to just have fun, you know?
Most of our practice sessions were held in Happy Valley, and I think it’s been contributing to our mediocre performance in past tournaments. We weren’t used to playing in Altador’s heat, or at that altitude. But we’re going to be more prepared this year, since we’ve been spending the last two months in and around Altador, practicing and just generally getting used to the weather and lower altitude.

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Prytariel participated as a member of the Terror Mountain Yooyuball team from 2006 to 2022.


Biggest Underachiever (nomination)

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