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An enterprising young Krawk pirate, Dorak met his current fame when he was heading back from a successful raid on Krawk Harbor and was met by the Black Pawkeet. After barely escaping from his ship, being blown to splinters by the Pawkeet's cannonballs, he started going about the wreckage in a rowboat looking for all the Dubloons he hadn't been able to grab at his immediate escape.


Heh, what else am I supposed to do? Ride a bike in the sand?
Finders keepers, losers weepers.
What do ye think yer doin' just standing around twiddlin' yer thumbs? Grab an oar and help me out, matey -- thar be dubloons scattered all over this 'ere place!
Hey thar, matey. Would ye be willin' to give an ol' Krawk a hand? Ye see, these beautiful dubloons just be layin' here waiting to be snatched up, but these mines be givin' me a problem. Watch out for 'em and steer the boat clear while I grab the dubloons. What? Of course I'll be sharin' some of the treasure with you. Who do ye think I am, some kind of pirate?
Do you think you can help me through the mine field? Ocean? Whatever, just save me!!!
Avast ye landlubber! Those bilge-suckin' Black Pawkeet pirates are tryin' hornswaggle me out of my dubloons, so grab an oar and heave ho! But watch out for homing mines or we will both be Jetsam bait.

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Dorak has a level 34 Weewoo named Korsa.

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