The Book of Ages



Sidney is the owner of the Fairgrounds Kiosk. You can try your luck at his scratchcards, but you aren't guaranteed to win by any means.


Ssshall we sssstart?
Ha, you should practice more!!!
Sssomething is about to happen...
You sssseem to be having ssssome trouble!
I don't have anything inssside my hat!
Would you like a Ssscratchcard?!?
I could have beaten you!! Do you want to try your luck again?
Ssspiders are my friendsss!
How can I be of sservice?!?
Do you like Ssspidersss?!?
Ssstop THAT!!!
Try your luck with one of my Ssscratchcardsss!
If you aren't interesssted in a fight leave before you feel my wrath!
You aren't very lucky are you?!?

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