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The unfortunate victim of Jennumara's cruelty, the poor Grey Faerie has lost her wings and with them her powers.


Yes. I am powerless without wings. In order to get new wings, I must get a new name.
Ever since Faerieland fell, I've been able to come and go more easily since I can walk there now. But -- *she bursts into tears* -- I can't get to the cloud races! I know I'd be really good at them; my racer would be fueled by the misery of Neopia. It's all so... tragic... *sob*
Hello there. I'm here to make sure everyone can still buy the artefacts they need while Fyora.. you know... I'm just glad I could find a way to help out in our time of need. I've also been rearranging things here, so you may not find a few of the older items, but there are new ones that you really should check out.
I guess I shouldn't have tried the "Wing Grow". These wings are so small they couldn't lift a fly. Could you bring me (ITEM) to get rid of them?
These tiny wings are really depressing. I don't suppose you've found the it yet?
Oh please. Use the (ITEM) to trim these things off. I can't stand it any more.
That's better. I guess no wings are preferable sometimes.
Oh... Hi. You know, that 'Uplifting Cookie' I bought really doesn't improve my mood. It just makes me hover in the air like this. I miss being on the ground. I don't suppose you could find (ITEM) to help bring me down?
Any time you're ready.
Did you actually bring me the (ITEM)?
Wow. That actually has cheered me up. For real this time. Ha! Take that, Mister Krawley!
Oh dear. So it's noticeable? Those patches I bought for my dress just won't stay on. I guess I'll need something else to patch the holes. Maybe (ITEM)?
This dress was always falling apart but these new patches somehow made it worse. I don't suppose you've found it yet, have you?
You've brought me the (ITEM). That's a relief. You caught me right before I was going to buy a new dress.
Well, it's not perfect but, then again, nothing is. You've been so kind to me. How can I repay you?

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While Baelia is the only known grey faerie currently, there may be hundreds of others hiding around Neopia.

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