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This beautiful Water Faerie is the guardian of the Healing Springs, a place where Neopets can come between battles to heal their wounds and soothe their illnesses.


My magic is not fully restored yet. Please try back later.
What a Cheerful Lot! I'm sure you aren't here for my healing potions this time! Here's your bag of treats. Stay safe, there are many dangerous spirits out and about tonight. I wish you a happy and healthy night of trick-or-treating!
Welcome to my home of healing and relaxation. What can I do for- Oh! Is it really Halloween already? Where does the time go... Sorry about that, we get so many visitors at these springs it's easy to lose track of which day it is! Here take this delightful little goodie bag. Ahh, I think it's awfully cute for a zombie!

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Since she's able to heal your pets every half hour, she's a much less expensive alternative to buying medicine.

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