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Soup Faerie


Perhaps the most generous faerie of Neopia, the Soup Faerie gives away free soup to any poor Neopian.


Ah, it's nice to not be made of stone. Anyway, I got up early to start a batch of Invisible Soup (it always takes the longest to cook, you know), when I saw these strange spheres flying around the night sky. It turns out they're quite tasty, so would you mind zooming up there and tossing a few down my way?
You know this sounds better when you ask for it but the spoon is stirring so fast that I can't even sneak a taste. Could you bring me (ITEM) so I can bring this madness to an end?
Stop stirring!
You brought the (ITEM)! If you don't mind... Could you?
Finally! I've been waiting forever to have a taste... Hmm... Needs salt.
Help!... I bought this... super spicy chile... Thought my soup... Needed zing... Too much zing... Won't stop... Can't get... Taste out... Need (ITEM)... Stop the burning... Please Hurry... Can't drink... this forever!
Hot-hot-hot... Did you find the item?
You have the (ITEM)?!... Please, may I have it?
Ahh! So much better. I think I'll lay off the spice for a while.
How can a cauldron be this hungry?! Oh, my friend. This odd new cauldron keeps eating my soup before I can finish it. Could you find me (ITEM), please?
You want more, Cauldron? I don't know what to tell you. I'm running out of ingredients. Unless my friend here can find it.
Superb! That (ITEM) should appease even this Cauldron's bottomless stomach.
Looks like the Cauldron is finally appeased. Thank you, my dear Neopian.

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