The Book of Ages

Neovian Printing Press Shopkeeper


One of the first shopkeepers to re-establish her shop after the curse on Neovia was lifted, this shopkeeper is not only interested in books, but also happens to be one of the town's main gossips.


Extra! Extra! All the news that's fit to print is available here!
Psst... did you hear about Mayor Thumburt's rampage? Scandalous!
You got your negg! Another Negg Hunter eh? I'm surprised so many of you showed up with that phantom on the loose. Did you hear? Poor Prigpants had his sewing shop torn apart by that vengeful spirit last night. And just as he was putting the finishing touches on a special negg garment for the festival! Such a shame. I heard he was constructing the garb entirely out of negg materials. Must have cost a fortune!

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